House Renovation Planning with Non-Destructive Test

To Maximize the Value of Japanese Traditional House

Hidden Risk of Renovating Japanese Traditional House

In many cases of Japanese traditional house renovation, the damage inside the wall is hard to imagine from the outside.

Because the condition inside wall is hidden at the time of planning, unexpected additional expenses are often incurred.

Sometime renovation companies factor in unexpected expenses at the time of estimation without any evidences.

If the degree of damage inside wall can be ascertained in advance, it is possible to reduce these unexpected expenses.

Unexpected replacement of the columns occurred at this property

Millimeter-Wave Sensing/ Recently Featured Technology

Millimeter-Wave (mmWave) is a radio wave with a wavelength of 1 - 10 mm and a frequency of 30 - 300 GHz.

With the recent development of very compact devices, non-destructive test by mmWave sensor has been applied to detect invisible cracks in railroad tunnels, highways, etc.

mmWave sensing for Japanese Traditional Houses

Research and development progressing on the campuses of the University of Tokyo and Keio University

SAKIYA Co., Ltd. is a venture company founded by Students from the University of Tokyo and Keio University. SAKIYA's technology enables 3D analysis of mmWave sensing data of buildings. The future where mmWave sensor can be used to visualize hidden risks in all kinds of buildings is now just around the corner.

Superimpose mmWave sensing data and images
Damaged areas can be grasped three-dimensionally

Architect who support the vitality of the old town

Ms. Mirai Takiuchi(kurachiffon) has been working for renovating PJ of Japanese Traditional Architectures in the Yanesen area (Yanaka, Nezu, Sendagi) where is the good old Tokyo townscape loved by legends of literature such as Soseki Natsume and Ogai Mori.

She will supervise the entire process from survey to renovation proposal.

Team meeting

Kenchikuka Community INC.

This PJ is under development. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in this PJ.

Scanning and Planning
for Japanese Traditional Houses

mmWave Scanning
Advices on Maintenance
Rough Proposal for Renovation